When chanting during meditation....I've been advised to project the vibrations to the upper regions or roof of the mouth and direct it up towards the brain....You might experiment with this and use a tone that tickles the upper regions to the maximum. I've been told that at an earlier time this area was larger and this portion of the brain became smaller with disuse........using vibrations and projecting them up will cause that area to expand...over time....and that is the area of the brain that can see into the past...the future....can help with all the things we human's think are super-natural. They're not......we all have the potential of healing....reading minds......astral projection.....moving objects with the mind....etc. Some of you may display special talents.....that the rest of us haven't developed yet.....I've gotten out of the habit but am going to commit time daily to developing my super-self through meditation and experimenting again with vibrations. What say you?

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Do you chant any specific tone or mantra?
Whatever tone comes to the sound vibration of ahhhhhoooouuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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